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Non-Statutory guidance launched at OBC implies Ofsted endorse it and confuse the sector!

Recently, there was an OBC (Ofsted Big Conversation) event where 900 people booked tickets too. I imagine mainly to find out when Ofsted will start re-inspections and when and how they will be carried out and other bits and bobs. Alongside that, there was a presentation about a revised Development Matters which will be launched in September but not come into play till September 2021. Alongside the new EYFS reforms and the revised ELG's. All these will be trialled by Early Adopters.

I don't want to go into the in's and out's of this...all I want to know is if the DM is not statutory, why is it being discussed at an Ofsted briefing. It is this sort of tactic that ensured many of us in the sector think that DM was statutory and we had to use it. Yes many will say, its written on there non-statutory , but when you have La's doing training on it, DM being seen to be Ofsted's preferred framework....what do you do.

However, twitter has helped me a lot. I now know, DM is not statutory and this is going to make mine and my staff's life so much easier. I will of course refer to it as it has appropriate ages and stages for children to help me ensure"children make good progress" because my funding is linked to my Ofsted grading. But, I am going to devise a fun curriculum for my children and families.

This is nota. long blog...just a "why do you like confusing us" blog and "why are you so secretive about the new revised DM?" since we will be the ones using it.

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